Tuesday, 17 June, 2008

Dasavatharam and Indiana Jones!

Watched two movies last week end-Dasavatharam and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Made me wonder how far behind Tamil movies are ...inspite of all the hype created ,of late!
I find people giving raving reviews about Dasavatharam and Kamal's efforts in the movie. But what is acting all about? Seems like people have forgotten the basics. In school we have amidst other things two competitions...one is called mono-acting where one person comes and acts a piece and where ones acting talent is given the utmost attention,while the other is called fancy dress show where people dress up like someone else and come and go saying maybe a few words and where ones dressing up talent is given utmost importance. There is one movie of yester years with Sivaji ganesan as the lead actor named "Navarathri". In that movie he comes in nine different roles and each role is differentiated by his mannerisms and body language and basic make-up changes to suit the role.In that movie, every role lived purely based on the acting talent of Sivaji Ganesan.But in Dasavatharam one had to search "Where is kamal?" behind all those different masks he wore..most of which reminded me of the pancaked face of Frankenstein.No emotions were visible in any of those roles(except the first one as a vaishnavite ,the scientist and Balram naidu) over all the layers of pancake(I would call it maida paste..hahaha)and glue mix!I read that kamal had to put make -up for some 8 hours every morning.So the person who oughtta be lauded in this movie must be the make-up team head then ..who moulded so many gruesome faces onto Kamal!To add to the agony of watching those creepy,eeky faces came those gross murders almost once in every five to ten minutes.Pity people of today ENJOY watching violence(I was closing my eyes whenever blood spurted out all so realistically).And Bush was disgraced totally ,being portrayed as someone who does not know what NaCl was(nownow...Iam sure not vouching for Bush's intelligence folks..hahahaha) and the graphics used were so so primitive! I wonder how people can call the tsunami scenes as realistic!! I could not help comparing the last scene of flooding in Indiana Jones (which just left you awestruck!)with this one.Even the graphics in so many Pc games are way advanced than what was shown in so many scenes in Dasavatharam!And for the ones who came to SEE (wink;wink;)Asin..what a blow!She came in just 3 different costumes and half the time running after"Perumal" with not even a duet to see her graceful dancing(hahaha!).The movie had a grand opening in the 12th century ,kindling ones interests,making one expect something extraordinary..which was followed up for the next 10 minutes with hightech biological discovery, building up ones interests...after which start the gory happenings ,starting with the grotesque portrayal of the dead monkey followed up by the murders all through!A person like Kamal with great acting talents should think of movies where his talent is put to use fully than counting on the number of roles he plays or rather the different fancy images he portrays!Again,what exactly did Kamal try to say linking the throwing of the Vishnu statue into the ocean in the 12th century and its coming back after tsunami?The ones who died in tsunami are Saivites and Vishnu has taken revenge for the injustice done to him and his bakhtha by a Saivite king way back and Vaishnavism is gonna prevail henceforth??
Watching Indiana Jones the next day ,after watching Dasavatharam was such a solace! Harrison Ford must be as old or older than Kamal..but look at his acting..and the awesome role he plays...a dad to a teenager who just blends into his role ,not standing out to call attention to himself at any point.Kamal's acting talents are much much more but somehow he is at a loss ,of late ,to choose some role which would suit him and his age!Kamal has to realise that he need not don so many made-up faces to show his potential..he can be himself and take up challenging roles than sit and waste time,efforts and money on covering himself behind masks!Again it had been proven time and again that a movie need not be violent and glamorous to become a success(mozhi,unnale unnale and many other hits of late stand proof).
Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford combo helped me come out of my disappointment after seeing dasavataram!! And I still remember how wonderful the dasavatharam movie of yester years was when i watched the movie as a kid!
Many who came out of the theatre were screaming"Perumaalle..engallay kaapaathu" and I joined them! hahaha!


Bala said...

i strongly object your honour. Being a hardcore Kamal rasikan, veriyan etc., i have a duty to defend kamal.

The film actually travels in three planes - one is a hard, peppy thriller - which a kid can understand - though the violence is bit more.

The second one is a clear entertainment festival where there is astonishment on the individual capabilities. Here kamal and his makepu skills come to the forefront. Here the author has not understood the subtle performance of kamal - you may have to see once again to observe - sivaji's times were different. Look at the way the japanese walks and fletcher walks or the mannerisms of balram naidu - i suggest that you to watch it in a good theatre like sathyam (that will help the producer recover his money)

The third and most important one is kamal's diologues with his brethren - his answers to the questions generally raised. It starts with the fights on religion - his answer to a question on his father's name "ramasamy naicker" - the dalith leader and his name "vincent poovraahan (varaaaha avathaaram??!!)" and his fight for bhoomi (poo - means bhoomi)- his entry to save the heroine who asks for help like the draupathi - i could see a lot of such intricate weaving within the story. except a couple of silly jokes, this plane had lot of messages - i am planning to see this again in a good theatre along with like minded friends to enjoy this again. muyarchi than mei varuththak kooli thara vendum paavam producer

Bala said...

இன்னா, பதிலையே காணோம்??

Nila said...

The comment of Bala reflects the feelings of millions of ardent Kamal fans..which I do respect!I still remember how my brother, who was a greatttt fan of Sivaji ganesan saw the movie Thirisoolam and came home and went on and on about how awesome and stylish Sivaji was in that movie!When I went and saw the movie later...OH MY GOD! Reminds me of the tamil proverb "Kaakaikkum than kunju pon kunju"..hahaha!When you write the story and screenplay for a movie ,first of all one should be clear of what is the storyline and what is the effect he wants to create in the viewer's mind.Here , the writer of the story has not made clear what he is conveying starting with a bang in the 12th century and ending with tsunami!As the commenter has said,if kamal had planned to have a link for each of his role in the movie with one of the avatars of Vishnu...that would have been awesome!But ,no such link has been made clear(atleast to a simple viewer like me)!Again the roles of Fletcher,the japanese, the muslim guy,the grandma,Bush,etc could have been done by anyone because the face looks so made up and no emotions are shown out of the mask! The way he walks and the mannerisms can be done by anyone again .but the voice modulations can be appreciated!There were a couple of sharp dialogues which sure were intelligent and thought provoking but 75% of the movie went haywire all thanks to the single point program of kamal in this movie...to project HIMSELF!Gruesome violence took away some 30% of the 75% and to cram the rest in the remaining time made kamal dump it all on us one by one !
Having grown up seeing kamal in so many varied roles(can there ever be a movie to beat Michael madhana kamarajan and kamal's acting in each role in it?)be it comedy,action or romance or philosophical...kamal had always just excelled and made one come out of the theatre having felt kamal live in you....but this movie was like a game of identifying kamal and trying to find out what he is upto!!The efforts he has put in,the money the producer has put in..are all way too high ofcourse...but that doesn't make the movie eligible to be termed WOW!It is just another fast paced masala movie(with enough dosage of violence and glamour) where kamal wanted to flaunt his talent to disguise himself using face masks!I hope kamal soon gives a movie worth himself ...to satiate the appetite of kamal fans like me!

Dharmalingam said...

தசாவதாரம் பற்றிய விவாதத்தில் என்னுடைய கருத்துக்கள்:
தமிழ் சினிமா பற்றி ஒரு பொன் மொழி உண்டு -
ரஜினி படத்தை முதல் வாரத்துக்குள் பார்க்காவிட்டால் படம் பிடிக்காது &
கமல் படத்தை முதல் வாரத்துக்குள் பார்த்தால் படம் புரியாது.
கமல் படங்கள் பெரும்பாலும் பண் அடுக்கு மற்றும் பரிமாணங்களை கொண்டதாகவே இருக்கும். எனவே குறைந்தபட்சம் இரண்டு மூன்று முறை பார்த்தல் தான் படம் கிட்டத்தட்ட முழுமையாக் பார்த்த திருப்தி வரும். அவ்வபோது பஞ்சதந்திரம் போன்ற எளிமையான நேரடி படங்கள் தந்தாலும், பெரும்பாலான் படங்கள் (மை.ம.கா. ராசன் உட்பட) multilayered படங்கள்தான். தசாவதாரம் இதற்க்கு விலக்கல்ல. நிதானமாக அதிக ஆரவாரமில்லாமல் பார்த்தால் படம் புரியும். எனவே இப்படத்தை மீண்டும் சத்தியத்தில் நாம் பார்த்து ரசிப்போம்.
அதன்பின்னரே படம் பற்றி விவாதிக்க வேண்டும்.
இப்போதைக்கு சில விஷயங்கள் - படம் முழுக்க பலரது கடின உழைப்பு தெரிகிறது. கமலின் ஒவொரு அவதாரத்திலும் அரிதாரம் மட்டுமல்லாமல் body language முதல் பார்த்து பார்த்து சிரத்தையாக செய்திருக்கிறார்கள். படம் நெடுக subtext ஆகா நிறைய செய்திகள் வருகிறது.

பின் குறிப்பு - முதலில் சொல்லப்பட்ட பொன்மொழியை உதிர்த்து அடியேன்தான்.

subhadhinakar said...

i feel that to really appreciate a movie we have to feel atleast a thread of connection with the storyline!there is no head nor tail to this movie and all the way u r left feeling very lost!maybe our intelligence is not upto the mark!ha!ha!