Sunday, 8 March, 2009

Yaavarum nalam!

Another different tamil movie!! Two movies in a row(naan kadavul and yaavarum nalam) bringing in new themes into the mundane masala tamil movie sector! If Naan kadavul razed your heart, Yaavarum nalam chills your bones!

It all starts when a happy, joint family with a mom,2 sons both with 2 kids and the other newly married and a daughter who is in college ,come into a new flat they have just bought! The flat number is 13B....ooooooooooohhhh...the milk they boil curdles and there begins the thrills and chills!And then it just makes you sit at the end of the seat all through.They try nailing the pictures of the so many Gods in their pooja room in vain...madhavan's face gets distorted every time he is clicked with the camera in his cell phone,in the premises of his house...the lift fails to work for the hero alone....a blind neighbour with a blackkkkkkkkkkk dog......and finally begins a new Tv serial!!Then come a series of twists and turns so beautifully linked...and every charachter play their role perfectly!Special mention have to be made about saranya..the mother..the script and dialogue writer(such wonderful dialogues) and madhavan....never knew madhavan had such acting talents..mebbe the credit should be given equally to the director!So many charachters who impact you strongly....the doctor,the police inspector,madhavan's sweet wife,the mentally affected son name a few!So many events smoothly fitting into each other and not a moment of respite to sit back at all...such awesome screenplay and editing!

Two drawbacks have to be mentioned....the jarring music which diluted the thrill in most scenes and the cook book episode which was totally uncalled for(pity the director had had to add that part ,fearing the tamil movie watching crowd and their tastes!)...the director sure could have trusted his storyline and his wonderful capacity to direct the movie so well paced and gripping!

But then,the flaws can sure be overlooked ...for the climax and the background story sends shivers and makes you feel creepy when you come back home!! After cursing oneself watching two movies released during Pongal...Villu and Padikaadhavan...for the primitive and run on the mill type of feels so glad to see the horizons tamil cinema is diversifying into..after seeing NK and YN!Atleast now, hope the directors and superstars realise the potential of the tamil movie goers who are dying for good movies ..the success of Nk commercially says it all!The great response for English movies dubbed in tamil also clearly proves how the tamil crowd wants variety and also that they are intelligent enough to enjoy the same!

Anyway,kudos to the director of another nice tamil thriller which has left me ssssscccccaaaarrrreeeedddd to look out of the window or go into the dark!!

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